Trends show that the cost of energy is rising

Advances in effeciency allow modern machinery to fucntion while consuming less energy.  Since the demand on energy is ever increasing energy efficient measures translate directly into savings.Learn More

Lowering Energy Costs and On Bill Financing

With electricity rates continuing to rise in California, and with a state mandate for the electric utilities to implement a “Time of Use” billing format for most business customersLearn More

Smart sensors reduce unnecessary energy usage

Intelligent sensor technology detects room occupancy and adjusts lighting and heating levels accordingly. A truly effortless, elegant solution towards energy efficiency management.Learn More

Color Temperature of Lighting

The color temperature rating is another important factor to take into consideration when choosing a lighting solution. This temperature is useful in public places to promote relaxation.Learn More

Our professional representatives offer a free energy savings assessment on lighting retrofit projects.

Our goal is to help companies minimize installation costs and increase energy savings as well as to identify inefficient lighting technology; to offer the appropriate solution; to assist in obtaining rebates that will further offset the cost of installation.


GEI’s professional energy consulting team will visit your location and perform a comprehensive energy saving audit!

Our Program coordinator will create a customized proposal which identifies all inefficient technologies and the approprate replacement. A comprehensive cost-benefit anlaysis detailing the amount of energy conserved and the return of investment is also included.
  • GEI will apply for all applicable rebates to minimize the cost of installation.
  • All installations are done by a professional GEI team.
  • Utility companies will conduct a post-inspection.
  • The customer will realize energy savings and lower operation costs.
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  • Lakewood, CA (Gas Station)

Lakewood, CA (Gas Station)

  • December 30th, 2013

Business : Gas Station
Location : Lakewood, CA
Estimated Existing kWh : 58,123
Estimated Proposed […]

  • Hayward, CA (Bakery Factory)

Hayward, CA (Bakery Factory)

  • July 31st, 2012

Business : Bakery Factory
Total Annual Saved kWh : 130,515.80
Total Annual Dollar Saved : […]