Trends show that the cost of energy is rising

Advances in effeciency allow modern machinery to fucntion while consuming less energy.  Since the demand on energy i s ever increasing energy efficient measures translate directly into savings.Learn More

Smart sensors reduce unnecessary energy usage

Intelligent sensor technology detects room occupancy and adjusts lighting and heating levels accordingly. A truly effortless, elegant solution towards energy efficiency management.Learn More

Color Temperature of Lighting

The color temperature rating is another important factor to take into consideration when choosing a lighting solution. This temperature is useful in public places to promote relaxation.Learn More

Our professional representatives offer a free energy savings assessment on lighting retrofit projects.

Our goal is to help companies minimize installation costs and increase energy savings as well as to identify inefficient lighting technology; to offer the appropriate solution; to assist in obtaining rebates that will further offset the cost of installation.


GEI’s professional energy consulting team will visit your location and perform a comprehensive energy saving audit!

Our Program coordinator will create a customized proposal which identifies all inefficient technologies and the approprate replacement. A comprehensive cost-benefit anlaysis detailing the amount of energy conserved and the return of investment is also included.
  • GEI will apply for all applicable rebates to minimize the cost of installation.
  • All installations are done by a professional GEI team.
  • Utility companies will conduct a post-inspection.
  • The customer immediately enjoys drastic energy savings and lower operation costs.
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  • Lakewood, CA (Gas Station)

Lakewood, CA (Gas Station)

  • December 30th, 2013

Business : Gas Station
Location : Lakewood, CA
Estimated Existing kWh : 58,123
Estimated Proposed […]