Green Energy Innovations (GEI) is one of California’s leading Energy-efficiency lighting contractors. We have served over 10,000 clients from all over the cities and states of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and New York excellently that major companies authorized GEI as their agent on any energy matters. Moreover, we have provided energy savings solutions from small to large-size companies, including schools, hospitals, churches, office buildings, LA county parks, government agencies, various retail establishments.award2
Our professional representatives offer a free energy savings assessment on energy retrofit projects. Our goal is to help companies minimize installation costs and increase energy savings as well as to identify inefficient energy technology; to offer the appropriate solution; to assist in obtaining utility rebates that will further offset the cost of installation.
GEI is a California licensed and insured contractor (CSLB#959987, C-10 Electrical & C-20 HVAC) and staffed with trained experts with decades of combined years of experience in the energy industry.
In 2011, GEI was recognized as the top producing Authorized Participant (AP) and was awarded the Gold Level recognition in Southern California Edison (SCE) AP Recognition Campaign.  GEI has also been formally recognized in subsequent years (2012 and 2013) for energy saving results delivered and diversity of technologies.

Potencial Eenergy Savings2013 AwardWe use our years of experience to deliver a complete, customized energy efficiency solution to each of our clients. After our free energy efficiency assessment, we conduct a cost-benefit analysis and present our clients with a personalized proposal. Due to our close affiliation with local utilities, we are able to take advantage of multiple incentive programs that subsidize the cost of installation.
Since our inspections and installations are all done by expert GEI technicians and not subcontractors, we are able to assure quality in every instance. The end results are quality installations at a competitive price, continuous energy savings for our clients and a Greener Earth for the future.
Go Green today and save money. Ask us how! Visit our website for some of our success stories!

1. GEI’s professional energy consulting team will visit your location and perform a comprehensive energy saving audit (Free).
2. Our Program coordinator will create a customized proposal which identifies all inefficient energy technologies and the appropriate replacement.  A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis detailing the amount of energy conserved and the return of investment is also included.
3. Using our extensive knowledge of incentive programs, GEI will apply for all applicable rebates to minimize the cost of installation.
4. All installations are done by a professional GEI team of installer/technicians.  We do not subcontract, therefore ensuring quality at every level.
5. Utility companies will conduct a post-inspection.  The customer will then relize energy savings and lower operation costs.