Why GEI?

We are a certified minority business enterprise and licensed contractor (CSLB# 959987, C-10 Electrical and C-20 HVAC) committed to the assurance in quality of work to serve your business’ needs. Since 2005, we have serviced over 10,000 clients across the Southern California region, ensuring our credibility.  Our experience and expertise is unmatched and our accomplishments have earned recognition from major utility companies; Southern California Edison has given us various awards such as “#1 Authorized Agent”, “Most kWh reduced”, and “Best Diversity in Projects” between 2011 and 2014.  Furthermore, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has recognized us as the largest vendor for lighting projects within their territories. We are familiar and well-versed with numerous programs offered by your business’ utility provider and can utilize this knowledge to lower or even eliminate the cost of your energy efficiency project.
From start to finish, GEI is with your business in completing the project at hand. We are your authorized agent in communicating with the utility company and we provide the labor, materials, equipment, and warranties so that your business can continue uninterrupted by the headaches and complications an upgrade project can bring. Our installation teams are our own; we do NOT subcontract our work to other parties and take on the responsibility of physically completing a project. We use a turn-key solution for energy savings and deliver the best results!
At GEI, we are strive for affordable projects and top quality products for all of our potential clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an energy audit and evaluation of your facility’s existing technologies. We look forward to working with you!

What can I do to lower the cost of my electric bill?

lower_my_electric_billLook into incorporating energy efficient upgrades to your existing lighting fixtures and other electric using equipment.  Such as: T5/T8, interior and exterior lighting fixtures and bulbs, induction products, LED and the other upgrades that are available for your business right now.  Contact GEI today, let us analyze your existing equipment. We will visit your business, audit the equipment, and provide you an analysis and make suggestions to you absolutely free of charge.

Does energy saving lighting mean less lighting?

Energy-EfficiencyAbsolutely not!  Green Energy Innovations believes in energy efficiency. Using less energy while getting more out of each watt.  Advancements in lighting technology not only provide lower energy usage but also increase the quality of the lighting.  Quality of lighting provides greater detail and truer colors.  These advantages are crucial to all business types, be it in reducing eye stress in an office environment, or greater visibility and safety in outdoor areas, to showcasing retail products such as jewelry, beverages or even cars.


What’s the next step?

Energy Solution AnalystA free lighting assessment is just an email or phone call away.  We will arrange for one of our Energy Efficiency Consultants to visit your facility to assess what lighting solutions are viable for you.  We will then provide a detailed proposal that includes a description of current lighting usage versus proposed solutions.  The proposal will also detail the total cost of the project, the value of the rebates available, and financing options available to you.  All with the goal of achieving greater savings on your utility bill, better light quality for your business, and done without any out of pocket expense to you!

Are there any incentives or rebates available to help pay for our project?

Most of the utility companies have incentive and or rebate programs available for their commercial customers.  GEI works to maximize the rebates for our customers by closely working with your utility company.  However, rebates are time sensitive and sometimes limited in funds which change from year to year.  This is another reason why it is important to act quickly on lighting upgrades. Call us and we can easily advise you of the current programs within your area.

How does the rebate process work?

Each rebate program is nuanced with different regulations and rules.  GEI has intimate knowledge of rebate programs spanning multiple utility companies and government agencies.  With this knowledge, we are confident to be able to instantly calculate the correct value of rebates from any given project. You can have GEI as your contractor and we will submit all of the rebate documents and applications professionally on your behalf.  When you do this, you never have to worry about the rebate, or whether the paperwork was done correctly or submitted before the deadlines etc. GEI simply does all of that for you, and we deduct the amount of the rebate from the cost of doing your retrofit.  Simply, easy, and hassle free for you.  We only need a couple of signatures and you are on your way to a better lit, and more energy efficient future!

How much energy will I be saving? How do I know if project is truly paying for itself?

Energy-EfficiencyEvery project is different and the amount of energy saved can vary from location to location.  After the initial audit of the site, we will provide a customized report for your specific business location of the energy saving solutions we suggest.  The report clearly states the estimated savings and expected return on investment for each project. These estimates are based on energy savings calculations used by manufacturers and using the current rates per kilowatt hour charged by your specific utility company.

Will there be any disruption to my business?

We take pride in our experienced staff’s ability to work even in the most difficult job site scenarios while providing minimal disturbance to your normal business operation.  We offer flexible scheduling that includes nights and weekends.  Green Energy Innovations has installed new lighting upgrades in car dealerships, gas stations, retail stores, hospitals, and industrial production facilities with zero issues or complaints.

This project is not in my budget, can’t it wait?

We offer financing on all projects without a down-payment, or any out of pocket expense to you.  Lighting upgrades save money from the moment of installation and the project begins to pay for itself on the day of installation.  Waiting or delaying a project would lose out on that savings!  Waiting can also cause you to miss out on time sensitive, or limited funded rebates offered by your utility company.

Why should I consider lighting upgrade?

light-bulb-evolutionSDespite the many advances in lighting technology over the years, many buildings are still using outdated lighting technologies. These older technologies may still be functional, but are inefficient and produce unwanted heat and noise pollution.  By doing a lighting upgrade you will experience immediate (same day) reduction in power usage leading to lower utility bills.  Even if you have had lighting upgrades within the past 5 years, there are even newer technologies that will help further reduce energy usage while at the same time dramatically improving the light quality, increased business, and safety at your facility.