With electricity rates continuing to rise in California, and with a state mandate for the electric utilities to implement a “Time of Use” billing format for most business customers, energy efficiency potentially becomes even more important, especially for those business customers who find it even more costly to run during specific times during the day.

Generally speaking, the most expensive time in a 24-hour period is during the summer season (June through September), Monday through Friday, from Noon to 6PM. At GEI, we realize, as well as anyone in the energy industry, that Demand Side Management can and has been successful, in helping customers to offset some of these higher operating costs. Leading the way has been energy efficiency.

Whether it is has been energy saving hardware measures installed or behavioral measures taken, customers have been successful in reducing their overall energy costs.  There are many programs that can assist in a business customer’s overall energy strategy. One such program is Southern California Edison’s On-Bill Financing Program (OBF). GEI has promoted OBF in collaboration with Southern California Edison (SCE), to assist those business customers who may need upfront monetary assistance to consider the implementation of an energy saving project.

OBF, combined with utility rebates available for qualifying energy saving measures, can be a mighty 1 -2 punch in lowering energy costs for a customer. OBF does “not” reduce a customer’s utility bill, but may provide the means to move forward on an energy efficiency project that a customer could not have otherwise started, due to a lack of the upfront capital needed to do so.

Remember, OBF is “not free,” but is a 0% interest loan (through the life of the OBF loan) that is payed back through the  customer’s SCE electric bill, thus assisting the business customer with the upfront capital to implement qualifying energy efficiency projects.


A short video on the OBF program by the GEI Director of Operations.