Project Description

Illumination is an important consideration for all gas station operators. A properly lit facility is shown to increase night time visibility and traffic. Furthermore, proper lighting discourages crime and makes customers feel safer.

Most gas stations utilize outdated Metal Halide systems. While initially bright, the light output from metal halide systems drops to 70% at half its rated life and it continues to sharply decrease. While this dimming may not be readily apparent when comparing lights within a facility, there is a very noticeable distinction when comparing two different gas stations that have replaced the Metal Halide bulbs at different times.

GEI recommends gas station owners to replace the legacy metal halide system with an induction system. The benefits of upgrading are multifaceted. Induction systems are rated for 100,000 hours, more than 6 times the rated life for metal halide systems. Furthermore, induction systems are excellent at maintaining lumen output and are able to produce 85% of their initial brightness at well over 80,000 hours! The unprecedented system life of induction lights make them “maintenance-free” systems, eliminating bulb replacement costs and maintenance fees for more than 15 years! Induction systems are far more energy efficient than legacy metal halide systems. They are able to provide a superior quality of illumination while consuming 60% less energy, savings that are directly reflected on your utility costs. Induction is the premium lighting solution for difficult to maintain areas.

Cost-benefit analysis for a typical gas station lighting upgrade – $6159.38 saved annually from utility costs. – No bulb/maintenance fees – 47721.26 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions decreased. – Ask us how to go Green today!