Project Description

Any parking facility, large or small, must be illuminated with security as well as visibility as the foremost consideration. The legacy systems that currently exist are greatly outdated when compared to GEI’s induction solutions. A common legacy lighting system used in parking facilities is the High Pressure Sodium system due to their “high” light output. However, the light emitted from HPS systems is concentrated along a narrow wavelength, causing all objects lit by HPS systems to take on a yellow hue. This impairs color identification and visibility, two important security concerns. This is compounded by the fact that moving objects lit by HPS systems appear blurred when captured by security cameras. GEI’s induction solutions provide a crisp, white light that allows for accurate color rendition and superior visibility. Moving objects captured on camera appear clearly. In addition, the more efficient induction systems consume up to 60% less electricity. Taking into account that most parking structures are required to be illuminated 24 hours a day, a reduction in energy usage quickly results in significant savings! Analysis of a typical parking facility