Safety First
Green Energy Innovations (GEI) values Safety as its highest priority. One of our Mission statements reads, “If GEI cannot do it safely,” “we will not do it.” For us, the subject of safety goes far beyond the wearing of a hard hat, safety classes, gloves and appropriate attire by our employees.

It is about ensuring that everyone gets home safely to their families in the evening. It is about taking every step possible to ensure that our children can see their parents in the evening, exactly the same way they saw them in the morning when the children were dropped off to school, got help with their math homework the evening before, or had fun in the park with their parents at a barbecue on a Sunday afternoon.

Workplace Safety Safety SupervisionAt GEI, we are committed to providing a safe working environment for our office personnel, energy solution analysts in the field and our installing technicians. The continued success of GEI is contingent upon the “safe” efforts observed and executed consistently everyday by our employees. We will not accept any unsafe practices performed by any of our employees, including management. In the coming months, GEI will by reaching out to the local communities with safety awareness as it relates to lighting and driving on the California highways.

At GEI, we want our customers to know we go beyond the product and services we offer. We genuinely care about “how” we reach and exceed our customer satisfaction and corporate objectives, through careful and well thought out planning in advance of any project, from every perspective as it relates to the safety of our customer and every GEI employee.