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California’s Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) Program offers significant financial incentives and energy cost savings to affordable housing providers and their tenants. SOMAH is a 10-year, billion-dollar community-based program intended to financially help low-income families and is managed by the California Public Utilities Commission.


Across the state, more than 3,500 properties encompassing nearly 255,000 individual households qualify for incentives under the program. Green Energy Innovations is an authorized SOMAH contractor and will be happy to show you how to get very inexpensive solar for your existing affordable housing project.

Benefits of SOMAH

  • Incentives provided by the program significantly reduce the cost of solar installation on the property.

  • Access to solar means lower utility bills, better housing security and a cleaner environment.

  • Promotes local job opportunities through job training, creating job growth and economic development in California communities.

As an eligible contractor partner with the SOMAH Program, we can help you learn more about what the program has to offer, determine if your property is eligible and estimate the expected system costs and incentive amount. 


Want to learn if your property is eligible? Email us at, call (323)-622-1930, or fill out form below

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